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Social media policy

Established on February 1, 2013

In order to realize an appropriate and comfortable communication between our hotel and our guests, we set forth communication guideline (terms of service) as stated below, in our social media contents (hereinafter “this page”) that we manage. We kindly ask for your understanding in agreeing to the below stated guideline.

Purpose of social media

Our hotel seeks to build a better relationship between our guests and social media users by utilizing various social media for promotion, communication, advertisement and publicity.

Basic policy

In using social media, we will comply with the laws and ordinances and corporate ethics and observe our hotel’s behavioral standards.

Our understanding of social media

We are fully aware of our responsibility when communicating via social media, therefore we keep in mind of the following points when using social media.

・We will comply with the law and ordinances in and outside of Japan as well as act based on proper corporate ethics and act as an appropriate corporate citizen based on fair, clear and free competition.

・We will promote two way communications with the society for any information needed by respecting communication process with various stake holders and listening to various voices including negative information and we will make serious efforts to handle it.

・We will preserve confidentiality of personal information and collect necessary information in an appropriate and fair manner.

・Once information is sent out, we understand that it is open to an unspecified number of public and it will be difficult to completely delete it, therefore, we will try to deliver information so that it does not cause misunderstanding.

To social media users

Information that we post via social media does not necessarily represent our official announcement. We ask for your understanding in advance.
For our official announcement, please check this website and/or news releases.

Official account


Prohibited matters

Please refrain from the following activities.
If the user corresponds to any of the following activity, we may delete the post, block and/or delete the account or send a warning message.

・Reprint or copy this page without permission.

• Use of false and/or third party’s identity.

• Identify, release, and reveal personal information without permission.

• Damage and/or defame the name and/or trust or our hotel or a third party.

• Infringement on copyright, portrait rights, intellectual property of our hotel and/or a third party.

• Violation of law and/or public order and morals.

• Post that is for publicity and adverting purposes.

• Any content that this page states inadequate.

• Any content that is not relevant to this page.

• Any content that disturbs the management by virus or hacking.

• Other content that our hotel can make a legitimate judgment to be inadequate.

Change of this terms of service

The content of the aforementioned may be changed without notice to users.

Inquiries regarding social media

For any inquiries regarding our social media policy and/or social media, please contact us via this web site.

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July 17th, 2015

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November 30th, 2014

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May 28th, 2013

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