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Privacy policy

Established on February 1, 2013

JUSANDI (hereinafter “this hotel”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, therefore, it is our social responsibility to protect and utilize them adequately. This hotel promises that all of the staff and management continue their endeavor to protecting personal information.

1.Proper management of personal information

2.Compliance with Japan’s law, guideline and other rules

3.Dealing with complains and conference

4.Correction of personal information

(1) Definition of personal information This hotel defines that all information that is personally identifiable to be personal information.

(2) Collection of personal information
When collecting personal information from customers or staff, the purpose of collecting the information will be made clear and agreed upon beforehand and only necessary information needed for the business content and size will be collected and utilized. Also, unless there is a special matter, the collected personal information shall never be disclosed to a third party without consent.

(3) Purpose of using personal information
Your personal information shall be used and handled only within the extent necessary to perform the task required. If your personal information is needed outside that extent, you will be clearly informed of how your personal information is to be used and only be used after your consent.

(4) Providing personal information to third parties
Database of personal information that is collected through this website is stored and protected by this hotel’s administration office and our outsourcing agent. If requested from customer, we will stop sharing your personal information. However, we may provide your personal information to third parties in the following cases.

・When it is approved to be necessary to share personal information to provide service to customers.

・When the personal information is necessary for our subcontractors to provide service to customers.

・When customers agree on disclosing their information.

・When legally referred by public agency such as police or court.

・Other cases when it is important and urgent for our customers, this hotel and third party.

・Other cases when customers agree.

・Disclosure of information that is not personally identifiable.

・When legally demanded.

・When it is necessary for human life and for protection of physical body or property but it is difficult to get the consent.

・When asked for cooperation by government organization or local public body or its subcontractor and asking for customer’s consent may interfere with their task.

Proper management of personal information

The personal information we collect from you are stored and protected through necessary and reasonable security measures in order to avoid any leakage, loss, destruction, misuse, alteration or illegal access. Also, aside from the administration manager who will be responsible for handling personal information, we will assign a supervisor to properly store personal information as well as educating our staff on the importance of personal information.

Compliance with Japan’s law, guideline and other rules

We will comply with Japan’s law, guideline and rules related to personal information. We will ensure its protection by complying with guidelines related to personal information and review the management system of personal information periodically to make improvements.

Correction of personal information

If there is a discrepancy or change to your information, we will modify and/or delete upon request.

Update of private policy

This privacy policy is subject to change due to change or elimination of laws and regulations of Japan. In that case, the updated private policy will be announced on this website.

Opinion, claims, objections to private policy

Please contact the following office for this privacy policy and handling of personal information.

470 Fukai, Ishigaki city, Okinawa Japan


JUSANDI Personal information customer service

Personal information administration manager

E-mail :

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