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Established on February 1, 2013

(Scope of application)
Article 1

1. Contracts for accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this hotel and the guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these terms and conditions. Any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/ or generally accepted practices.
Should the hotel enter into a special contract with the guests, insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and generally accepted practices, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these terms and conditions.

(Application for accommodation contract)
Article 2

1. A guest who intends to make an application for an accommodation contract with the hotel shall notify the hotel of the following particulars:
(1) Name of guest(s)
(2) Date of arrival and estimated arrival time
(3) Other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel
2. Should a guest request, during his or her stay, extension of accommodation beyond the date in subparagraph (2) of preceding paragraph, it shall be regarded as an application for a new accommodation contract at the time such request is made.

(Conclusion of accommodation contract)
Article 3

1. The contract for an accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the applications as stipulated in the preceding article and an accommodation deposit has been made. However the same shall not apply where it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.
2. The deposit shall be first used for the total accommodation charges to be paid by the guest, then secondly for the cancellation charges under article 6 and thirdly for the reparations under article 17as applicable, and the remainder, if any, shall be refunded at the time of the payment of the accommodation charges as stated in article 11.
3. When the guest has failed to pay the deposit , the hotel shall treat the accommodation contract as invalid.

(Refusal of conclusion of accommodation contract)
Article 4

In the below cases, this hotel may refuse to conclude the accommodation contract.
(1) The request for accommodation is not based on the terms of agreement.
(2) The hotel is fully occupied and so cannot comply with the request for accommodation.
(3) The hotel has sufficient reason to suspect that the person requesting accommodation may violate the law, public order and/or morals.
(4) The person requiring accommodation is clearly recognized to be infected with an infectious disease.
(5) The person requesting accommodation makes a demand beyond the scope of reasonably acceptable burden on the hotel.
(6) The hotel is unable to accommodate the person requesting accommodation due to disaster, failure of facilities or other unavoidable reason.
(7) The person requesting accommodation does not comply with the facility’s rules.
(8) The person requesting accommodation does not agree to the hotel’s no pet policy.
(9) The person requesting accommodation has caused trouble at this hotel in the past.

(Right to cancel accommodation contracts by the guest)
Article 5

1. The guest is entitled to cancel the accommodation contract by so notifying the hotel.
2. Should the guest cancel the accommodation contract in whole or part due to causes for which the guest is liable, the guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed in the table no.2.
3. In the case when the guest does not appear by 8 p.m. of the accommodation date (3 hour after the expected time of arrival if hotel has been notified) without an advance notice, the hotel may regard the accommodation contract as being cancelled by the guest.

(The hotel’s right of cancellation of agreement)
Article 6

1. In the below cases, this hotel may cancel the accommodation contract.
(1) The guest in question may violate the law, public order and/or morals.
(2) The guest in question is found to be infected with an infectious disease.
(3) The guest in question makes a demand beyond the scope of reasonably acceptable burden on the hotel.
(4) The hotel is unable to continue to accommodate the guest in question due to disaster, failure of facilities or other unable reason.
(5) The guest in question has smoked in prohibited area, tampered with the fire prevention facilities, or otherwise violated the regulations of use stipulated by the hotel.
(6) The guest in question does not obey this hotel’s rules.
2. In the event that the hotel cancels the accommodation agreement based on any of the above items, the guest in question shall not be liable for payment for any accommodation services not yet delivered.

(Registration of accommodation)
Article 7

1. Guests are required to register the following particulars on the day of accommodation.
(1) Name, age, sex, address and occupation
(2) For foreigners, nationality, passport number, port and date of entry into Japan
(3) Date and estimated time of departure
(4) Other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel
2. Should the guest intend to pay his or her accommodation charges prescribed in article 11 by any means other than Japanese currency, such as credit card, these method of payment shall be shown in advance at the time of the registration prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

(Occupancy hours of the guest room)
Article 8

1. The guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guestroom of the hotel from 3p.m. to 12a.m of the next day. This condition applies even when the guest is accommodated continuously.
2. The hotel may, notwithstanding the provisions prescribed in the preceding paragraph, permit the guest to occupy the room beyond the time prescribed in the same paragraph. In this case, extra charges shall be paid as follows:
(1) Up to 3 hours room charge equivalent to 32,400 yen
(2) Up to 6 hours room charge of 54,000 yen
(3) More than 6 hours 100% of the room charge

(Observance of the regulations)
Article 9

The guest shall observe the rules and regulations established by the hotel, which are posted within the premises of the hotel.

(Observance of the regulations)
Article 10

The business hour of the main facilities, etc. of the hotel are as follows.
(1) Front desk and cashier service hours
(a) Door closing time None
(b) Front desk service 24 hours
(2) Incidental service facility business hours
1. Optional services shall be provided until 6 p.m.
2. The business hours specified in the preceding paragraph are subject to temporary changes due to unavoidable causes. In such a case, the guest shall be informed by appropriate means.
3. In the case that the hotel staff cannot carry out the service time wise, the hotel shall inform the guest in advance and will not be liable to the service if agreed by the guest.

(Payment of accommodation charges)
Article 11

1.The breakdown of the accommodation charges, etc. that the guest shall pay is as listed in the attached table no.1.
2. Accommodation charges, etc. shall be paid in Japanese currency or by other means such as credit card at the front desk at time of departure of the guest or upon request by the hotel.
3. Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the guest chooses not to utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him/her by the hotel and at his/her disposal.

(Liabilities of the hotel)
Article 12

1. The hotel shall compensate the guest for damages if the hotel has caused the guest to incur such damages through the fulfillment or the non-fulfillment of accommodation contract and / or related agreements. However, the same shall not apply in cases when such damages have been caused as the result of reasons for which the hotel is not liable.
2. Although the hotel is not required to receive the “Pass Mark” issued by the fire station (less than 2 story building and/or capacity less than 30 people), the hotel will equip with fire extinguishing facilities.

(Handling when unable to provide contracted rooms)
Article 13

1. The hotel shall, when unable to provide contracted rooms, arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the guest insofar as practicable with the consent of the guest.
2. When arrangement for other accommodation cannot be made, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel shall pay the guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation charges and the compensation fee shall be applied to the reparations. However, the hotel cannot provide accommodation due to causes for which the hotel is not liable for, the hotel shall not be liable to compensate the guest.

(Handing of deposited articles)
Article 14

1. The hotel shall compensate the guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damage is caused to the goods, cash or valuables brought into the hotel. However, when the guest has failed to report its kind and value to the hotel, the hotel shall compensate the guest within the limits of 10,000 yen except in cases when the hotel is liable to intentional or gross negligence.
2. The safe deposit box equipped in the guest room shall be used and managed under the responsibility of the user.

(Custody of baggage and/or belongings of the guest)
Article 15

1. When the baggage or belongings of the guest are found left after his/or her check-out, and the ownership of the article is confirmed , the hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions. When no instruction is given to the hotel by the owner or when the ownership is not confirmed, the hotel shall keep the article 7 days, including the day it is found, and after this period the hotel shall turn it over the nearest police station.
2. When the belongings of the guest is large such as surfboard, bicycle etc., the hotel will not be responsible for custody, therefore guest is asked to store on their own and the hotel is not liable for reparation.
3. The hotel is not liable for reparation even when stored in the premises of the hotel.

(Liability in regard to parking)
Article 16

The hotel shall not be liable for the custody of vehicle of the guest when the guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the hotel, as it shall be regarded that the hotel simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to the hotel or not. However, the hotel shall compensate the guest for the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of hotel regard to management of the parking lot.

(Liability of the guest)
Article 17

1. The guest shall compensate the hotel for the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of the guest.
2. The guest shall compensate the hotel for the damage that emerged after the guest has left, if the guest can be specified.

(Governing law)
Article 18

Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall submit to the exclusive agreed jurisdiction of the District Court in the jurisdiction of the Hotel at the first instance .

Table no.1 Breakdown of accommodation charges (Regarding Article 2.1 and Article 11.1)
Total amount to be paid by the guest
Accommodation charge:① Basic accommodation charge(including service charge)
Additional charge:② Additional food and beverage charge and other service(including service charge)
Tax:(a)Consumption tax
Note 1. Basic accommodation charge is based on the price list posted on the website.

Table no. 2 Cancellation charges (Related to Article 5.2)
Up to 12 people
21 days prior to accommodation day:20% / 14 days prior to accommodation day:50% / 7 days prior to accommodation day:100% / On accommodation day:100% / No show : 100%

The percentage signifies the rate of cancellation charge to the basic accommodation charges.
2. When the number of days contracted is shortened, a cancellation for the first day shall be paid by the guest regardless of the number of days shortened.


Based on Article 9 of this Terms and conditions, this hotel sets the following regulations.
For a safe and comfortable stay at our resort, we ask for your understanding, observation and cooperation.

<House Regulations>

・Kindly do not smoke in bed or in any other place where smoking represents a fire hazard.

・Please make sure that your door is locked when leaving your room. Please be sure to lock the door even when you are in the guest room.

・Pajamas, towel and slippers are provided for in-room use so please refrain from using them outside the hotel.

・Please refrain from bringing the following material as they will cause inconvenience to the neighbors.
(a) Animals, birds,
(b) Objects emitting a foul odor
(c) Objects in unusually large quantities
(d) Gunpowder, oil, or any other explosive or inflammable substances
(e) Firearms, sword, drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the law

・Gambling or other acts which are contrary to good morals or which cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited.

・Guests that are not registered to accommodate are not allowed to stay overnight. Please notify the hotel when the number of guest staying shall change.

・The hotel facility shall not be utilized for any business activity.

・Refrain from using equipment and fixtures for purpose other than those intended and do not remove equipment or fixtures from the hotel without permission.

・Please do not remove or alter the hotel’s equipment and fixtures.

・Guest(s) will be charged for any damage, breakage and loss to the hotel’s property caused the guest(s).

・The distribution or display of advertisements and the sale of goods on the premises of the hotel are prohibited.

・Guests are reminded that unauthorized publication for commercial purpose of photographs taken on the premises of the hotel may be subject to legal action.

・Please pay your bills whenever requested by the front cashier while staying at the hotel.

・The hotel may set a time limit for a deposit on the day of arrival.

・During your stay, please leave money and valuables in the safe deposit box. The hotel shall not be liable for the loss, theft or damage.

・ The hotel shall keep articles left on the premises of the hotel for 7 days, and then they are handled in accordance with the Lost Goods Act by the hotel.

For disaster prevention and request to guests

1. Upon your arrival…
① Please review the emergency exit instructions.
② Please locate the flash light and fire extinguisher in your guest room
③ Please refrain from smoking in bed or smoking while walking as it may cause fire hazard.

2. In case you encounter fire…
① Shout in a loud voice or bang the door hardly to notify other people.
② Call 119 immediately.
③ Please use the fire extinguisher when it is a small fire.

3.When evacuating…
① Please follow the fire fighter’s instruction and guidance.
② When opening the door, please check whether the door is hot.
③ If the evacuation route is covered with fire and smoke, cover your eyes and nose with wet towel and crawl down and proceed along the wall to the opposite direction of the smoke.

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