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Dining restaurant with a taste of gracefulness

Our dining restaurant serves breakfast and dinner. Abundant window facing the green gives you a sense of liberty and you can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the expressive sky. Lush green from the vegetation is reflected to the white wall that expresses liberty where you can enjoy your meal by feeling the breeze of Yaeyama.

Please enjoy the delicious cuisine with the warm wooden interior in the open white space. There are private areas with comfortable sofa at the dining space as well.

Wrapped in the breeze from the ocean, we also offer outdoor table settings and sofa for your pleasure.


Fusion style cuisine with finest local Ryukyu ingredients

At the dining restaurant where you can listen to the gentle sound of the wave, we offer our gastronomic delicacies full of fresh local Ryukyu ingredients.

At the lively open kitchen, our experienced chef is proud to serve you the culinary creation with full of local ingredients. You can enjoy the savor of the cuisine both with your tongue and eyes. There is also a fine selection of wine to go with your dish and delightful choice of deserts.

We offer you the joy of dining with your dearest one. Please enjoy the special occasion in a relaxing atmosphere.


Elegant breakfast with crisp morning sky

When morning arrives at Ishigaki Island, it means crisp blue sky with bright sun shine. Please enjoy the start of your day with a warm welcome from the birds of Yaeyama flying over the morning sky.

For breakfast, we offer 2 types of dishes, a creative Japanese style or American style, both based on fresh vegetables and local Ryukyu ingredients. The fresh scent of vegetables and fruits will recharge your body gently in the morning. Freshly baked breads from the oven will also help your morning wake up a comfortable one.

There are also outdoor table settings to feel the fresh morning breeze. Please enjoy a relaxing start of the day.

July 17th, 2015

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November 30th, 2014

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May 28th, 2013

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